Monday, August 30, 2010

Don't Piss off a Princess..

 I am beginning to wonder if the flip side to Diznee Princess is actually Diznee Villainess. Kind of like hate is the flip side of love. Because, I think that some, well most of the things that I do or think probably fall into the villainy category.
Today I lost a battle with my evil stepmother. I managed to survive with minor injuries. The thing about most princesses is that THEY never do the fighting themselves. Some "hero" has to come save them. Well I ain't got no hero. I got me and my guns.
Well, one thing about me is I may get knocked out, but when I get back up watch out now! I am gearing up for guerrilla warfare Princess style. Bedazzling my M4, combat boots and dusting myself with body glitter. Not very good for sneaking up on peeps, but I want those bitches to see me coming. I want them to say, "Hmmm whats that pretty sparkling thing way up ahead that just went ban..." Cue evil, but sexy laughter. Muwahahahahahahahahahaha!
So to all my enemies, frenemies and just plain haters...sleep with one eye open. If it

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