Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Beginning...

It all started one fabulous morning in the trailer park. The sun was just coming up and I was sitting on my back stairs smoking my cigarette and drinking my cup of coffee. I had noticed that almost every morning two bunnies would come and just stare at me. That particular morning, however, a hummingbird came and just hovered in front of me for about a minute or so. It was then that I had an epiphany. I was turning into a Disney Princess!
Of course, most Disney princesses are not (cough) over thirty. They usually don't smoke, wear black silk robes outside to smoke or live in a trailer. But with the recession and economy it's a whole new woooooorllld!!! See? I can already incorporate songs into my life. I haven't tried singing out my window to see if coyotes and javelina come with mops and Pledge to clean my house, but it is worth a shot.
Anyways, I need to go turn the Christmas lights off on my front porch. Yes, I am aware it isn't Christmas but  it beats taking up and down every year.


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