Sunday, September 5, 2010

It Has Already Been Brought

I apologize for the delay in posting...oh I don't. I am a freaking princess and I can do whatever the eff I want! Unfortunately, I had to fight my final battle with my evil stepmother. NO, my prince never showed up...the douchebag..

So in true Diznee Trailer Park Princess style, I put the hurting on that biznatch myself. I had a couple of my hard hitting, pipe slinging gurls to back me up. I also sang in some rabid prairie dogs to add a finishing touch. Everyone dismisses prairie dogs, but those little suckers are mean muthas. I spray painted them with that sparkly pink Halloween hair junk. Just to add a signature touch. If I go blinged out, then so does my posse.

In all the fairytales, evil is defeated and the princess and hero live happily ever after. Let's be realistic here people. My story is not ending. It has just begun. I am sure I will have another villain to fight and "someday my prince" will come...sure...whatevs. I am working on the prince part, but I am jonesing for another fight!!! I love getting all glammed out and curb stomping some a-hole with my bedazzled, steel-toed boots.

So heroes need not apply. It has already been brought...


  1. Your prince was on his way to help you. At least, I think. Dark hair, 6'4, cheeky fellow with lots of shiny muscles, a really fast car and a huge wad of cash. Sadly, on his way through Colorado he got bit by a zombie and I had to stick a soldering iron in his eye.

  2. Dammit...why do zombies always have to eff up my sheeet!?!?!?!?

  3. cause... they are zombies. It is what they do.