Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Zombie Stepmother Attacks!

Remember how I said I defeated my evil stepmother?  What is the number one rule one dealing with something evil and horrifying? Besides don't run upstairs to get away? Double tap...always double tap. Because when you don't double tap, it always comes back. 

I freaking hate zombies. They are just plain gross and annoying. They are rotting, smelly, moaning, brain-eating weirdos. So it would figure that evil stepmother would come back as one, just to annoy me.

It figures she would show up at my work...where I CANNOT carry. all I had was 3 pens, a box of paper clips, stapler and staple remover. I had to try different combinations of things until I found something that works. By the way, writing sticky notes reading, "Go away zombie!" and stapling it to the zombie. Does. Not. Work. Epic Fail.

So what I wound up doing was pushing a couple of my slower co-workers in it's way. While it was busy, I stapled it to the floor and slowly took it apart with the staple remover. Totally used up my lunch hour.

So I had to keep the parts separated in various cabinets. Hopefully housekeeping won't be too thorough and somehow set her free.  I have a nasty feeling it isn't over. So, I have given myself a mani-pedi with my favorite OPI nail polish. I will clean up the mess tomorrow.

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